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Whether you’re fresh out of college wanting to land your first “real” job, or whether you’ve been in the workforce for years and want to get an even better job, or whether you simply want to advance within the organization, a resume that immediately sets you apart from the rest of the pack is your first critical step to success. It must be free of needless errors, make a compelling argument for your skills and potential within the organization, and most of all, it must shout “Interview!!” Practical and “hands-on,” this webinar will prepare you to create your own winning resume!

Content includes: + Recognizing the most important purpose of a resume + Evaluating a resume from the hiring manager’s point of view + The three biggest myths about effective resumes + The five biggest mistakes most people make when developing their resume + The keys to creating a resume that sets you apart from the rest of the pack + Creating a resume that shouts “Interview Me!” + How to identify and frame your experience(s) in a way relevant to the position in question +Identifying what information about you is most important to a potential employer + Identifying valuable credentials you don’t even know you have +  Describing your most important accomplishments and skills + Formatting your resume in a way making your potential value clear to the organization + Choosing a resume format most appropriate for the situation +  What’s your niche factor? + and much much more….

Special features:

  • Limited enrollment to ensure personal attention to each participant’s needs
  • This webinar is totally practical and “hands-on.” Participants are encouraged to bring existing resumes for critique and improvement.
  • Participants will build/rebuild key elements of their own resumes during the workshop, itself.

Who Should Come? Anyone seeking career advancement – from the recent college graduate with limited or no formal employment history to the person simply wanting to advance within the organization to the person wanting to make a complete career change to the person wanting to re-enter the job market after a hiatus of some years.

Format: Includes four, one-hour sessions,  two resume critiques,  15-minute private consultation, and a free  Graduate & Go! eBook.

Tuition: $395

Cover Letter Review & Critique – Add $75

Interview Preparation – Starts $195

To register or more information, call 503.781.0966 or email


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