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Life Planning that Prepares Your Clients for Financial Planning with Purpose

For Financial Advisors Only

This five-session class assumes that the best outcomes occur when clients are committed and intentional—when they have a reason(s) to engage a professional financial planner to guide them through the important process ahead. It also assumes that clients who are unfocused or worse, lack confidence about their future, will have little incentive to undertake the disciplined process of financial planning. Nor will they see value in paying for the service.

Thus, this Life Planning class guides you through a step-by-step process for helping clients clarify the things that are most important to them, what they want and don’t want their lives to look like, and what it will take to achieve their most important goals. The stage is then set for you, the Advisor, to help your clients create a financial plan that is on purpose and meaningful—one your clients feel has the capability of taking them where they want to go. It’s a financial plan with purpose.

Contents Include: Helping your clients be more aware of their life-style options + Helping them clarify potential obstacles that could get in the way of achieving their goals + Identifying steps necessary to address those obstacles + Achieving commitment to a specific focus and intentional direction + Helping clients make quality choices about their future and the steps necessary to achieve their goals + Helping clients achieve increased confidence in themselves and their future + Guiding clients through development of a detailed LifePlan consistent with who they are and where they want to go with their life + Giving clients experiences that will help them enthusiastically embrace the financial planning process with an Advisor who understands the financial planning from the inside out. This class is practical, fast-moving, and filled with solid information that you can apply immediately.

Tuition: $595-$995 (FPA member? Ask for discount)

For More Information and Class Schedule,
Call 503.781.0966.


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