DONT’ JUST RETIRE: REFORMAT!  Turning Your Life Experiences into Prosperity and Personal Happiness

djrre-bookAn extraordinary program for anyone nearing or having recently entered traditional retirement. Don’t Just Retire: Reformat!  assumes that this portion of your life can and should be the most productive yet, that you are more knowledgeable than ever, possess important insights about life and business, and know yourself, including who you are and who you are not. The one thing you know for sure is that you definitely are not ready for the rocking chair. This exciting program gives you the skills to turn your life experiences into prosperity and personal happiness at any age.

Contents Include: Getting yourself focused + Why you are not a beginner + Why you are more valuable than ever before + Identifying your most significant skills and knowledge + Becoming financially prosperous and personally vibrant throughout your reformatted years + Identifying your most important credentials + Matching your reformatted life and work with your chosen life-style + Developing and maintaining the self-confidence necessary for success throughout your reformatting process + Ridding yourself of psychological limitations imposed by the old concept of retirement + Successfully dealing with risk and changed involved in the reformat process.

Most importantly, you will create a detailed Life Plan that reflects who you are, where you want to go with your life, along with the resources and processes you’ll need to make that Life Plan a reality.

Tuition: $595-$995.

                                   SUMMER SALE PRICES APPLY. SAVE 60%!!
For Information or to Register,
Call 503.781.0966

For more information and class schedule, email or call 503.781.0966.


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