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Now you can experience and learn from the Niche  Doctor wherever you are in the world, any day, anytime. Our live webinars are offered regularly throughout the year. Or, if you prefer, you can always pick up a completed session via “On-Demand.” Coming soon, you’ll be able to grow your business and/or develop your career niche even more through our online self-study program.





  • New! GRADUATE & GO! Landing the Job You Love: Congratulations! You’ve graduated from college – or at least that’s in the plan. Now, you’re wondering how to convert what you learned from books and classes into a job that pays enough so you can eat, pay your own rent, pay off your student loans, and hopefully launch yourself onto a reasonably clear and satisfying career trajectory—all at the same time! The question, of course, is where to start? The good news is this special webinar has been designed just for you (more).
  • New! Winning RESUMES:Whether you’re fresh out of college wanting to land your first “real” job, or whether you’ve been in the workforce for years and want to get an even better job, or whether you simply want to advance within the organization, a resume that immediately sets you apart from the rest of the pack is your first critical step to success (more).
  • BLITZ MARKETING: Making Your Business Profitable in Any Economy. You have the best product/service in the world. Your customer service is superior. You’re honest. You work hard. You have licenses and certificates showing you have advanced training and knowledge. You also may have spent a lot of money on traditional advertising and more recently even dipped into social media to increase your business. You seem to have done everything right but are concerned about being eaten up by the competition and market saturation.  At the same time, you are often confused about which marketing strategies can really benefit your business. If any of the above sound familiar, relax. This webinar was made for you (more).
  • ALLIANCE MARKETING: The Million Dollar Strategy that Costs Only PenniesImagine a marketing strategy that can make your business a household word and doesn’t cost a fortune! In fact, in some cases, it doesn’t cost you a thing. The answer is very straightforward and simple if you know what you’re doing, that is. The answer is Alliance Marketing – a  strategy used by many of the largest and most (more)
    Preparing Your Graduate (or soon-to-be) to Land a Great Job:The things all parents should know, do, and not do to help their graduate land a great job. Learn how your graduate can avoid needless  mistakes, stand out from the rest of the pack, get focused instead of being all over the map, utilize strategies that winners and other role-models use to land terrific jobs, and much more. Most of all, you’ll learn the things only you, as a parent, can do to facilitate your graduate’s success. It’s never too early to get the right wheels in motion. Perfect for parents of entering college freshmen and essential for those with students closer to graduation. (See Parents Only)
  • Financial Advisors Only
    LIFE PLANNING THAT PREPARES YOUR CLIENTS FOR FINANCIAL PLANNING WITH PURPOSE: This Life- Planning class guides you through a 9-step process for helping clients clarify the things that are most important to them, what they want and don’t want their lives to look like, and what it will take to achieve their most important goals. The stage is then set for you to help them create a financial plan that is on purpose and (more)

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