Many times creating the right niche for yourself or your organization is something you can do with ease by yourself or with your team, alone. By carefully following and applying Dr. Falkenstein’s nine-step process, that right niche will invariably emerge.

There are also times, however, when people want to telescope the process of getting tightly focused – of getting to the niche that takes them where they, want to go. When that is the case, private consulting can be extremely valuable. Although a range of situations may signal that the time for private consulting has arrived, the following are the most common indicators:

  • You or your organization want to get from here to there quickly and efficiently
  • The outcome of your project is unusually important and you don’t want to make needless errors.
  • You have an idea how to proceed but sense you would benefit from a guide to keep you on track.
  • You know you want to get to niche but have had false starts in the past and don’t want to waste time and money all over again.
  • You know the process of creating a niche is critical for yourself and/or the company, but it appears so overwhelming, you don’t know where to start.
  • So many people are involved in the process, just getting going in the same direction seems like an impossible task.

The above are some of the most common indicators that private consulting services with the Niche Doctor may be an important resource for you, personally, or your organization.

To learn more specifically how Dr. Falkenstein’s professional services may benefit you or your organization, please call 503.781.0966 or email

“I have applied what you spoke about with my own business. It was 13 years ago, but the lessons you taught me still apply today. “

Mark Laing,  Financial Planner Coach, & Author; formerly Royal Sun Alliance, Australia


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