Self-Publishing Corner

At no time in your life are you more ready to write a book than right now. You have collected wisdom and experiences and perspective. All the things necessary to create a book that can jump start a business or  launch the next rich and exciting part of your life. If you agree that a book should be in your future, the next questions might well be, “But how do I get it done? “Do I go to a traditional publisher? Do I have to get an agent? How do I get it printed? Who will buy it? How do I get it to market? Will people look at me funny because I self-published? Help!”
      The good news is, Self-Publishing has arrived in full force as a fully legitimate and smart way to take who you are and the lessons you’ve acquired over the years to the world. In case you still have doubts that this process can be done efficiently and cost-effectively, take a moment to examine just a few of the fabulous Self-Published books created by our clients.
      If you would like more information about how you, too, can write, publish, and market a book that will take you where you want to do,  contact us at 503.781-0966 or email me directly at In the meantime, enjoy browsing below.




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