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GRADUATE & GO! Landing the Job You Love

Congratulations! You’ve graduated from college — or at least that’s in the plan. Now, you’re wondering how to convert what you learned from books and classes into a job that pays enough so you can eat, pay your own rent, pay off your student loans, and hopefully launch yourself onto a reasonably clear and satisfying career trajectory — all at the same time! The question, of course, is where to start? The good news is this special webinar has been designed just for you.

Content includes : The absolute musts and must nots for landing that great job+ The biggest myths about today’s job market for recent college graduates + Why it’s never too early to get your ducks in order + Why you shouldn’t take a job just for money, alone + How to separate yourself from the rest of the pack + The worst thing a parent can say Characteristics of the “Successfuls,” – the winners – other young adults who’ve landed or created a job that’s right for them + Why you are bigger than your degree, whatever it is + Why some trial and error may be a good thing + Why landing a job you love starts with you knowing you + Nine critical steps to landing the job you love +Resume basics and much much more!

Format: One webinar session, 1.5 hours
Tuition: $99
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Content includes all of the above, PLUS: 
Identifying your most important skills and strengths +Exploring options + Confirming your focus + Understanding and identifying experiences you’ve already had that can be useful to potential employers + Identifying marketing strategies most likely to get you in front of the right people, e.g. hiring managers, influence makers + Review of your current resume with recommendations for improvement .
PLUS: Resume developmentWith Dr. Falkenstein as your guide, you develop an all-new resume appropriate for your career-search needs in today’s fiercely competitive environment
PLUS:  A one-hour private telephone or on-site consultation with Dr. Falkenstein.

Format: Four, one-hour sessiions plus private consultation
$595 (A savings of $595)

To register or more information, call 503.781.0966 or email


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